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Highest and lowest observations for United Kingdom

Highest temperatures right now
24.0° Inverness / Dalcross  (Highland)
23.1° Kinloss  (Moray)
23.0° Glasgow Airport  (Renfrewshire)
Lowest temperatures right now
12.0° Sumburgh Cape  (Shetland Islands)
12.6° Bridlington Mrsc  (East Riding of Yorkshire)
13.2° Boulmer  (Northumberland)
Highest wind speeds right now
17 mph Kirkwall Airport  (Orkney Islands)
17 mph Eglinton / Londonderr  (Limavady)
17 mph Exeter Airport  (Devon)
Highest temperatures today
29.0° Lossiemouth  (Moray)
28.0° Hawarden  (Flintshire)
28.0° Blackpool Airport  (Lancashire)
Lowest temperatures today
-21.0° Kirkwall Airport  (Orkney Islands)
6.1° Gough Island 
7.0° Inverness / Dalcross  (Highland)
Highest wind gusts right now
Current observations from weather stations in United Kingdom. The reports are not quality checked.